“Did you know dentists and dental hygienists are at risk for burnout due to the nature of our work and relationships with patients?”

The North Carolina Dental Society and the North Carolina Dental Society Foundation are proud to endorse this Burnout Survey of all practicing dentists and dental hygienists living in North Carolina. This survey is sponsored by the North Carolina Caring Dental Professionals and is administered by Mind GardenInc., which is an independent publisher of psychological assessments and instruments in leadership, self-esteem, anxiety, and burnout. 

Burnout is a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed (World Health Organization). Burnout is an ever-increasing issue in dentistry earmarked by 6 driving factors that are sources for workplace burnout. These factors include Work Overload, Lack of Control, Insufficient Rewards, Breakdown of Community, Absence of Fairness and Conflicting Values. A study reported that dentists are prone to professional burnout, anxiety disorders and clinical depression due to the nature of the clinical practice and personality traits common among those who decide to pursue careers in dentistry (Rada, R. & Johnson-Leong, C., JADA 2004). The study concludes that fortunately treatment modalities and prevention strategies can help dentists conquer and avoid these disorders.
The primary purpose of this survey is to determine the prevalence of burnout and the likely causes of burnout among dentists and dental hygienists who are currently licensed in North Carolina.
Your participation is important to us as we strive to improve the mental health and wellness of all oral health professionals in our state. Your response will be anonymous and confidential. There are also 3 specific benefits you will derive from participating in the survey:
  • You will receive a personal report from Mind Garden, Inc. that will identify driving factors conducive to burnout that may be present, and the identity of possible triggers for burnout in your professional life.
  • The North Carolina Caring Dental Professionals will release group summaries of responses from dentists and dental hygienists in our Fall 2020 digital newsletter, Caring Connections.
  • NCCDP will also supply to you a list of resources should you wish to learn more about burnout, or if you wish to seek help in dealing with burnout.
When our profession practices at the highest level, all of the people of North Carolina benefit. We encourage you to participate in this survey that will be available starting today, September 22, 2020 and will close on November 30, 2020. Please take advantage of this opportunity and complete the short Burnout Survey for Dental Hygienists.

Please be sure to enter their email address they used for their dental license renewal and then create a password on the site. This way the dental hygienists will be able to go back and check their confidential results at any time.

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