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NCDHA 05/01/2020 Update

 CDC Dental Settings Update

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December 17, 2020  


For Dental Offices, your local Health Department will be the point of contact. Within the next several  days, your office should receive an email from your county HD requesting email contact for all staff  members and risk. Please make sure that your dentist or office manager has a current email address for  you. After this information is submitted, you will receive a link from CVMS where you will validate  your risk then set up a date, time, and location where you will go to receive your vaccination.  While there remains much consternation concerning the vaccination, it is our hope that enough of the  population will participate so that we can start to see the beginning of the end of this awful situation. We  are in one of the highest risk professions for contracting COVID -19; the arrival of proven effective and  efficient vaccinations are as critical as our daily PPE and disinfection routines.  I have researched the Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations in-depth and personally feel that they are safe….  certainly safer than contracting COVID. I will be glad to discuss with anyone if you have any  questions.  

As leaders in the healthcare profession, we will collect photos to put on our website and social media of  those of you who want to “roll up your sleeve to knock out COVID”  


Lori Hendrick, MS, CDA, CDT, RDH, PhDc  

President – NCDHA 

Covid -19 County ALert System

The Covid-19 County Alert System provides residents of North Carolina with specific information of the presence of Covid-19 within their county and information on how to help slow the spread. This system is updated every other week. 

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During these times we understand families are facing challenging circumstances and we won’t you to know there is help available. If you or someone you know could benefit from additional support, please visit the links below:

COVID-19 Oral Health Access Map

The practice sites on this map are options for North Carolinians with urgent oral health needs during the COVID-19 outbreak. Oral health service sites have been advised to remain open only for emergency services at this time.

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

This map was produced and is maintained by the North Carolina Oral Health Collaborative, a program of the Foundation for Health Leadership and Innovation. All information about clinic status and hours is subject to change as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold. If you notice any information that needs to be updated, please email with the subject line: Oral Health Access Map Update.

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