2022 – 2023 NCDHA Officers

The president, president-elect, vice-president, treasurer, treasurer-elect, immediate past president, and two trustees from each of the NCDHA components (10 trustees) are known as the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is the administrative body which is charged with conducting all state business. If you have questions, comments, or concerns to share with NCDHA please feel free to contact us. 

Kelly Cook, MPH, BSDH, CDA

Past President

Eileen Clark, MS, RDH


Brigette Esater

Vice President



Heather Edly

President Elect

Michelle Ping, RDH, MEd


Component Trustees & General Assembly

Our General Assembly is held each year during Annual Session. During the General Assembly meeting, NCDHA members are given the opportunity to engage in the business aspect of our association. Engaging in the General Assembly enables North Carolina hygienists to express their voice for the direction our association takes in business decisions, community engagements, continuing education, fundraising opportunities, and advocacy for our profession.  

Contact any of our leaders if you are interested in representing your Component. 

Lori Hendrick

NCDHA District 1 Component


NCDHA District 1 Component

Jill Gager

NCDHA District 2 Component

Virginia Price

NCDHA District 2 Component

Allison Fann

NCDHA District 3 Component

Cheri Lindstrom

NCDHA District 3 Compenent

Susan Buchenberger

NCDHA District 4 Component

Amy Carter

NCDHA District 4 Component

Amber Timms

NCDHA District 5 Component

Leonora Costello

NCDHA District 5 Component

            Policies, By-Laws, & Governing Documents

Thank you to all our Volunteer Leaders! 

“The quality of your life will be determined by the quality of your contribution. When you work to improve the lives of others, your life improves automatically.” –

Kurek Ashley