Jennifer Harmon, RDH, MS


Elizabeth Kornegay, CDA, RDH, MS

Friday 9:00am-12:00pm
Location: Winston 3AB
Courtesy of NCAHEC & NCDHA

Course Description:

The basic principles for prevention and treatment of medical emergencies apply to treating patients in all dental care practice settings. Dental professionals need to be prepared to identify high-risk patients, assess pertinent clinical signs and symptoms, and render effective stabilizing treatment until qualified medical assistance arrives. Whether you practice in a traditional setting or in a specialty practice, this course is designed to review basic principles of risk reduction, patient assessment and treatment options for selected medical emergency situations. Case studies will be reviewed to help participants understand how to deal with patients who present with common medical emergencies in the dental office.

1. Explain the importance of the factors for preventing and managing an emergency situation.

2. Describe the etiology, symptoms, and preferred treatment for common medical emergencies occurring in the dental office.

3. Discuss ways to prevent and prepare for medical emergencies that occur in the dental office.

4. Discuss stages of appropriate response to a medical emergency.

5. Evaluate the effectiveness of your current state of preparation for common dental office medical emergencies.

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