Security—Through ADHA membership, you will help to secure a future for dental hygiene. ADHA is working to protect the value of your educational credentials and to preserve the integrity of your license. Only through uniting in one voice can ADHA continue to represent dental hygienists successfully.

Access to Information—Members receive a subscription to the Journal of Dental Hygiene, ADHA’s official publication that brings you scientific and technical articles on clinical practice, research, and education. In addition, members receive the association’s magazine, Access, that helps you stay on top of the issues that are critical to the dental hygiene profession.

Continuing Education— ADHA membership offers you a discount on continuing education through self-study courses, courses the ADHA offers at annual session, and constituent and component continuing education events.

Employment Assistance— Members benefit from state employment job referral services, national classified advertising, and employment reference materials. ADHA is your professional partner, supplying you with foreign employment contacts, information on state licensing authorities, lists of accredited dental hygiene programs, and details on research grants and scholarships.

Professional Contacts—As part of your dues, you automatically become a member of your state constituent and local component organizations. These groups sponsor meetings and activities for your personal and professional benefit. By attending local, state, and national membership functions, you have the opportunity to form new friendships and develop professional contacts.

Professional and Personal Savings—Thanks to our ADHA sponsors, members receive discounts on professional and personal services nationwide.. The consolidated buying power of dental hygienists nationwide allows us to give you access to special programs that give you more for your money

Insurance Offerings — With so much at stake in your personal and professional life, ADHA is proud to offer insurance programs to help you protect your future, and the future of your family. We proudly partner with Mercer Consumer, a service of Mercer Health & Benefits Administration LLC, which provides our members with a full-service delivery platform, award winning customer service, and best-in-class product offerings.

Our insurance programs include professional liability, disability, life, dental, vision…and even pet insurance. Our members have the flexibility, and convenience, to choose the plans that best meet their own personal needs. Find out more and get quotes at

ADHA Credit Card Program—Offers members competitive interest rates and the opportunity to earn points toward travel with every purchase when combined with the mileage program. The program also offers members financial planning tools.

Leadership Opportunities—Becoming active in ADHA gives you the opportunity to acquire and develop new skills and interests, such as leadership and public speaking.

Recognition—You can make contributions to your community’s oral health standards through professional activities with your local association. Professional membership builds an identity for you and the dental hygiene field. You can also become a role model for recruiting candidates into the dental hygiene profession.Discounted Hotel Rates—Members may take advantage of discounted hotel rates at over 4,000 hotels across the nation.

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