Amber Auger, RDH, MPH

Saturday, October 12 08:30-11:30
Location: Winston 3AB

Has Your hygiene team plateaued in their production? Turnng treatment recommendaations into completed treatment requires inspirted clinicians who hav the tools to increase patient compliance.  If you and your elite team are ready to increase production and WOW your patients with the latest technologies, this course is for you!

Participants Will: Review pathogens that cause periodontal disease and how these can affect systemic health.  Review educational strategy to promote change for periodontal susceptible patients.  Breakdown of new and innovative ways to imporove the chairside experience for boh the paitent and the clinician; including voice recognition technologies, intraoral cameras, hand and power instrumentation.  Evaluate innovative home care items that will optimize patient compliance. Reignite their passion to provide elite comprehensive chairside care to their patients.

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