We hope you are having a good week, NCDHA! See how teledentistry helps a clinic integrate medical and dental care, learn about care coordination models in North Carolina, and more in this bite-sized update on oral health.

Take a look at how a three-way virtual appointment between a medical provider, dental provider, and patient saved time and improved care at Greene County Health Care. 

And don’t miss out on the chance to see first-hand how teledentistry can aid medical-dental integration. Register today and join us on October 23 to hear from experts and see how teledentistry is used across NC.


What do you want to know about oral health? See our first video FAQ with Dr. Zachary Brian, and ask us a question!

How are care coordination models being implemented in North Carolina? NCOHC intern Parker Norman dives deep into dental navigators, Community Dental Health Coordinators, and how both are increasing access to care.

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